Terracotta - 2009

This work aims at representing the formation of thought.

Normally, we use the concept of creativity to find solutions to the problems of our time, where instability, uncertainty and complexity are induced daily by changes in all areas, where even the most extreme novelty, has, as its inevitable fate, a more or less rapid obsolescence.

So what today seems to be needed is to be able to renounce to the very idea of acquired security and stability.

The sculptural work represents the basis of the acquired knowledge by a large blue volume.

We must learn to inspire us to awaken our interest in thinking, inducing us to wonder about everything.

Being able to draw from the great thoughts of past philosophers and history, a model to inspire our thoughts, never as unquestionable truth.

The sculpture is built up with other two volumes: one red colored, symbolizing classical and philosophical studies; and a green one, smaller, indicating the refinement of these studies and expressing the freshness of new ideas.

Philosophy as a mean to encourage thinking, to give new interpretations of the world …..

The last volume is the personification of the book that, in this transfiguration, represents the transition from the safety of past knowledge to the new thinking, which is faster and more fluid to change. This is represented by the transformation of the back of the book into a human face.

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